Conservatives organize nationwide “Mustardjarring” movement

Inspired by populist hero Sean Hannity, real Americans from coast to coast are rallying this morning against elito-socialist Barack Obama, who showed his true colors by ordering known gay condiment, Dijon mustard during a trip to an elitist inside-the-beltway burger joint Wednesday.

The move sparked a popular uprising in America’s heartland, where grassroots activists are planning nationwide “Mustardjarring” rallies to express their outrage at President Obama’s tax policy and/or spending plans and/or birth certificate and/or secret Muslim faith and/or the gay liberal media and/or teleprompter and/or auto bailout and/or TARP and/or Michelle Obama’s tennis shoes.

Jesus Christ people, just secede already.

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Rick Santelli is slightly frothier than usual

The good stuff starts at about 3:00, and then just spins completely out of control around 4:25.

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Depending on the duration of Your Editor’s hangover, I might post a transcript here later.

Irony: Ur doin it rite.

Remember that insane clown from back in February, Rick Santelli? Well evidently he is still on the air! Who knew? And today he is screaming at actual reporter Steve Liesman to “not say stupid things on the air,” on the air:

(sorry about the bizarre, Dharma-esque quality of this video–we’ll try to have a better one up soon)

Teablogging: Both famous and ladylike

Ha, that is not true, at all! But check out this Bloggingheads video in which Townhall’s Matt Lewis and CAF’s Bill Scher discuss THIS VERY BLOG and, at about 0:35, call Your Editor a “lady.”  *snort*

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A Freedom Tent Full of Freedom Clowns

Jim DeMint throws down in the now-daily DeMint/Bachmann crazy-off, rambling some nonsense about freedom tents and teabagging and christ knows what. He is one evolutionary rung below roundworms.

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Wonkette: Liberal ‘IRONIC’ Hipster ACORNS Nearly Brawl With Local Oaf

I know TITs and you, sir, are no TIT.



We saw this tuxedoed pig-man belting his terrifying song about money outside the White House without knowing, say, what the hell was wrong with him. And then other non-tuxedoed protesters started yelling in his ear and telling him to shut up, so we just assumed…

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Comedy Central: Happy Teabagging Day America!

A whole new meaning to “tongue in cheek”

Some lucky copywriters had a lot of fun rubbing out this segment from Monday night’s Countdown…


Hope that, while you enjoyed that with your morning coffee, it didn’t make you didn’t choke.

On the testicles you have inside your mouth, I mean.

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