Conservatives organize nationwide “Mustardjarring” movement

Inspired by populist hero Sean Hannity, real Americans from coast to coast are rallying this morning against elito-socialist Barack Obama, who showed his true colors by ordering known gay condiment, Dijon mustard during a trip to an elitist inside-the-beltway burger joint Wednesday.

The move sparked a popular uprising in America’s heartland, where grassroots activists are planning nationwide “Mustardjarring” rallies to express their outrage at President Obama’s tax policy and/or spending plans and/or birth certificate and/or secret Muslim faith and/or the gay liberal media and/or teleprompter and/or auto bailout and/or TARP and/or Michelle Obama’s tennis shoes.

Jesus Christ people, just secede already.

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AsstroTurf: A comprehensive primer

From Media Matters and elsewhere:

In light of today’s events, Media Matters has prepared background information on Fox News’ coverage of the tea parties.

Fox News has aggressively promoted the teaparty protests both on- and off-air and has repeatedly encouraged viewers to get involved.


·  On his April 6 program, Glenn Beck told his viewers they could “celebrate with Fox News” on April 15, when he and fellow Fox News hosts Neil Cavuto, Greta Van Susteren, and Sean Hannity would broadcast “live” at different protests.


·  The network has on several occasions labeled the protests “FNC Tax Day Tea Parties.”


·  Fox News’ new website, The Fox Nation, will host “a virtual tea party” for those who “[c]an’t get to a tea party” and hasposted numerous links discussing and promoting the protests including one headlined “Find a Tea Party!” that links to aGoogle Maps display of “2009 Tea Parties.”


Fox News’ unprecedented promotion of a political protest has not been lost on other news networks.


·        Howard Kurtz, Washington Post media critic and host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, commented that Fox News “practically seems to be a co-sponsor” of the tea party protests.


·        After airing a Fox News promotion of its upcoming “fair and balanced” coverage of the tea parties, MSNBC’s Chris Matthewsstated: “Ive got to believe that [Fox News President] Roger Ailes has the biggest tongue in his cheek when he does these ads. ‘We report and you decide.’ I mean, what are you — balanced coverage of an anti-government rally, an anti-tax rally — balanced coverage of that. It’s so amazing.”


·        MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said on her show that “our colleagues at Fox News are not just reporting on” the teaparty protests, “they are officially promoting” them.


Fox News has billed the protests as primarily driven by “grassroots” efforts. However, the protests have received significant support from a growing number of elected officials, prominent conservatives, and Fox News itself.

·        Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey reportedly plans to attend an Atlanta tea party, and his organization FreedomWorks has been involved in organizing a number of the rallies.

·        Texas Gov. Rick Perry is scheduled to attend a Fort Worth protest and in a YouTube video, encouraged “fellow patriots” to “[l]et them know what you think about the bailouts, all this stimulus, all this runaway spending that’s going on in Washington, D.C.”


·        Louisiana Sen. David Vitter describes the tea parties as protesters’ “register[ing] their displeasure with our government’s addiction to wasteful spending, bailouts for big business, and higher taxes” and is proposing that the Senate recognize April 15 “as a formal protest by the people.”


·        Reps. Todd Tiahrt (KS), John Fleming (LA), Ander Crenshaw (FL), Bob Latta (OH), John Shadegg (AZ), Sue Myrick (NC), Bill Posey (FL), and Louie Gohmert (TX) are all reportedly scheduled to speak at various teaparty protests.


·  Beck also announced on his radio show that he will speak at a $500-a-plate fundraiser for the San Antonio tea party.

·  Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich filmed a video “invitation” to attend the April 15 protests. According, “Gingrich will be a featured speaker” at the April 15 protest in New York City.” The website alsolists American Solutions for Winning the Future, whose general chairman is Gingrich, in its “Tea Party Sponsors” section.

· also lists Fox News contributors Michelle Malkin and Tammy Bruce as “Tea Party Sponsors.”

While tea-party organizers have stated that the protests are nonpartisan, Fox News and organizers have also characterized the protests primarily as a response to the Obama administration’s fiscal policies.

·  On the March 16 edition of The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly said that “big government spending protests are taking place all over the country. The latest in Cincinnati where about 5,000 folks showed up, showed their displeasure with the Obama’s administration money strategy. These gatherings are being dubbed tea parties.”

·  On the March 25 edition of Special Report, host Bret Baier said that the tea parties are “protests of wasteful government spending in general and of President Obama’s stimulus package and his budget in particular.”

·  During the April 6 edition of America’s Newsroom, contributor Andrea Tantaros said of the protests: “People are fighting against Barack Obama’s radical shift to turn us into Europe.” Fox News also aired on-screen text stating that the “Tea Parties Are Anti-Stimulus Demonstrations.”

For more information on Fox News and its coverage of the teaparty protests, please visit:


Crooks and Liars: Leser on the Tea Parties: ‘These tax day tea parties are a sham and a fraud’

On Fox News, even:

Steve Leser, the Editor of OpEdNews, was on the Neil Cavuto show and made a few fairly accurate statements about the Tax Day Tea Parties that FOX News is taking an active interest in promoting — and, some might say, financing and orchestrating.

FBN’s Stuart Varney is the guest host and talks out of the side of his neck…

Video/transcript/etc at Crooks and Liars

ThinkProgress Calls Out Fox for Promoting Teabagging

In a move that is sure to get him hunted by O’Reilly’s goons, ThinkProgress editor Faiz Shakir appeared on Fox Business last night and slammed the network’s aggressive promotion of the anti-Obama tea parties. Guest host Charles Payne denied that Fox News and Fox Business were advocating in favor of the protests…

Article and video at

HuffPo: The Corporate Lobbyists Behind the Tea Parties

FDL‘s Jane Hamsher debunks the “tea party as grassroots” myth on Huffington Post:

Anyone who has watched Fox News of late has seen them talking about the April 15 “tea party” demonstrations, which they take pains to characterize as a spontaneous grassroots uprising against government spending that they are simply “covering.”…

Read the rest here.

Crooks and Liars: Bonfire of the Wingnutteries

Crooks and Liars sez: “Follow teh munnee”

Howard Kurtz hit FOX News for their promotion of the “Tea Party” protests on CNN’s Reliable Sources. He actually says the shows are now “a full-fledged Fox fight.” 

The right-wingers want to know how FOX is financing this movement? It’s because they are endlessly promoting it on every show that has. The hosts are saying they will be covering the event as if it’s a presidential debate.

And that type of publicity costs, ladies and gentleman. It costs big time, and FOX is giving thousands upon thousands of dollars of free advertising to a movement that is beingfinanced by right-wing special-interest groups who DO NOT care about the working class in America. It’s shameful…

Full post, transcript, video, ponies at Crooks and Liars

Political Carnival: Glenn Beck backs out as San Antonio Tea Party keynote speaker

Oh noes! Notorious loon Glenn Beck will not be speaking at the San Antonio Tea Party after all. Says he’ll be a distraction. Because this is serious business, this teabagging.

Thanks to Political Carnival for the heads up.