World Net Daily Special: “GOD SAVE US ALL”

Some people are taking The Fight (whatever the hell that is) TO THE EXTREME:

Janet Porter is being VERY SERIOUS with you. Let’s explore.

I wanted to e-mail my editor and tell him I’m taking the week off. My preference? Play in the snow with my niece and nephew and spend time by the fireplace with family. But too much is at stake to give up now – or even to take a much needed break.

The Senate rammed through socialized medicine, complete with forced abortion funding, and we have to stop it in the House.

So now it’s time for a PRAYERATHON. Especially since, if we enable health care reform, we are essentially “killing God.”

We need God. And God works through ordinary people like us. Be a part of changing the history of America – meet with your U.S. representatives this week. Then do all you can to bring the remnant to Washington for the most important meeting of all: the meeting with the God of our founders.

OUR FOUNDERS, while hating Christians, are somehow the embodiment of all that is holy. People like Janet Porter need to be eaten alive, if for no other reason than her disposition against historical facts.


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