Constitutional Warriors

Do you love the Constitution? You damn well should, as it is an incredible thing. Tea Party people also love the Constitution, which is why they are on a mission of VAST importance. Let’s do away with the separation of Church and State, as that is clearly how it is phrased in the Constitution. Rex Rammell, lightning Conservative and hopeful primary challenger in the incredible race for Governor of Idaho sends word. Never mind that he suggested somebody hunt and kill the President this summer, there are other factors at play that we shan’t deny.

In the video, above, Rex makes his voice clear. He’s damn sick of people trying to separate Christianity from governance. As we all know our founding fathers were deists (read: SECRET CHRISTIANS) this is very much in line with his Tea Bagger stance of “restoring” the Constitution to his very narrow-minded view of it. We wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors.


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  1. Who cares what religion the founding fathers were. Who cares what the the current government officials practice. We need to separate religion from government even more then it is now. People are biased because of someones personal religious practice. Voting for someone to run a government based on the religion they practice is absolutely the wrong way.

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