Guess Who is Going to the Tea Party Protest in San Francisco Tonight?


Yes, this is a special day for everyone. From 4 to 8 p.m. your Teablogging’s own shortsshortsshorts will be walking among the piles of people at the St. Francis Hotel for Obama’s one day “Presidential” visit, IF WE CAN EVEN CALL HIM THE PRESIDENT.

Let’s explore what your Editor will be taking photos and video of this evening, for sport:

From Free Republic:

A Conservative Welcome Party for President Obama!

President Obama will be in San Francisco THIS THURSDAY, October 15th at the Westin St. Francis Hotel to fundraise at a reception and dinner. Let’s give him a proper Conservative welcome and protest the President and his liberal agenda! Hot Talk 560, KSFO is encouraging everyone around the Bay Area to converge across the street from the Westin St. Francis in Union Square, from 4-8pm to let President Obama know the Conservative movement in Ultra-Liberal San Francisco needs to be taken seriously!

Wear your best patriotic outfits, bring American Flags, signs (but remember to keep it clean and stay on point with things like Health Care Reform, Taxes, etc. No references to Obama’s Birth Certificate issue or comparisons to Hitler, as they are never media-friendly). Remember to stay on Powell Street sidewalk, opposite the hotel’s entrance and do not go in the street. There is no amplified sound allowed, but bullhorns under 10 watts are OK. Most importantly, be polite, respectful, thank the police and keep tempers under control no matter how angry you get, as there is sure to be opposition there.


BART: Get off at the Powell Street Station and walk 2 blocks up Powell Street to Union Square and the Westin St. Francis Hotel.

Driving: Parking is available at the Union Square Garage, directly underneath Union Square and nearby at the O’Farrell Street Garage. Enter on Geary Street, across from Macy’s.</blockquote>

So if any of you would like to “join” me at Union Square this evening, e-mail “shorts<at>” and we’ll come up with a meeting place of some sort.


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  1. That’s right! All of you A-hole liberals like, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow and David Shuster got it right. We are the TEABAGG-ERS…and All of you bleeding heart liberals are the TEABAG-EE’s. Wait till next November we’ll be dipping our Smelly Balls in your mouths once again and in 2012 Obama will know the feeling of being TEABAGGED!

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