Teabaggin’ in Taos

New Mexico, a state that is used to getting teabagged, does not want to be left out on this Important Teabagging Holiday! TIT Egghead brings us these delightful photos:




More delightful photos and a recap of the event over at Eggheaded



  1. Taos is the most laid-back, mellow place in the southwest. Where did these interlopers come from?

  2. […] of their historical marks, from the Confederacy to the Holocaust to our hospitable treatment of Native Americans. Then there was, of course, the usual wingnuttery, homophobia, topical references, and, christ, […]

  3. […] New Mexico: Taos […]

  4. […] the Indians. And the blacks. And the […]

  5. […] tells me, though, that a whole bunch of the classy, enlightened folks who turned out on April 15 would not support this, at […]

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