Ronald Reagan in blackface at Boston Teabagger shindig, or something

This horrifying image comes courtesy of Wonkette




  1. These people protesting today are not typical protesters. Most have never protested in their life. They are average American’s from all walks of life…Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. I just got back from the protest in my community and most of the people I met have never protested before. I protested back in the 70’s against the Vietnam war, so I am not totally new to this. I am actually a Democrat who voted for Hillary and then changed my vote to McCain out of concern that Obama would tax and spend us to death.

    I have to say, I met the nicest people and their were no disruptions. Most had signs they carried, but none of this nonsense that is shown in this picture. One of the reasons I got disgusted with the protest movement was because it became more about being outrageous than actually standing up for something. I suspect this person in the picture is not really part of the TEA party protest, but someone who is there to discredit the movement. That’s a shame.

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  3. I totally believe that Tcat is a Hillary Democrat who then voted for John McCain and is really, really concerned that bad people are trying to discredit the Tea Party trickle of a “movement.”

    I really do.

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